Artist's Statement: My goal as a fine art photographer is to create art work which is thought provoking, interesting and esthetically pleasing. The present show is a collection of images of very common and even mundane objects. I hope to create interest in such an object by looking at it through "a different set of eyes". Instead of viewing my object directly, I photograph its reflection from a variety of uneven surfaces. I use round and odd shaped Christmas balls, broken Christmas balls pasted on a board, the mirror like surface of floodlights, reflections from glass walls and windows of buildings, spoons, balloons, puddles and just about any other reflective surface which can create a new and interesting rendition of a common theme. My subjects are parking lots, comfortable but uninspiring suburban streets, nursery flowers ready to be plowed back into the ground in late fall, day to day city scenes, telephone poles and others - which we encounter daily without ever giving them a second glance. To paraphrase Wm. Shakespeare's Hamlet - " . . . to hold as 'twere, the Mirror up to Nature" - I try to create an artistic experience by looking at very traditional objects in untraditional ways.

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Foliage in my Backyard

Boatyard Reflections

Pine Tree

Capri Gardens

Please Get it Straight Next Time

The Magic of Fall

My Neighbor's Hibiscus

City Windows

Foliage on Farmgate Drive

New Jersey's Winter Wonderland

NYC's Times Square

City Street in the Eye of a Machine

A Very Scary Pumpkin Day

Ravello Gardens

Street in the Eye of a Machine

Veteran's Day 2006

Warsaw Windows

Store Window Reflection

The Cathedral of Siena

Angelo's Flowers

Gloria's Lily

Reflections of a City Park

Cactus Blossom

Met Life Building After a Shower


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