I received my first camera for my 15th birthday more than half a century ago. This simple Kodak Retina soon became a constant companion for class excursions, sports events, camping trips and a few years later even military service. In the 1960's a simple dark room followed giving me the ability to work on an image from composition to completion.

During a long career as a physician and health care manager the passion for photography remained strong and became a welcome escape from the stresses of a very hectic professional life. My career took me to many distant corners of the world – Africa, Israel, Asia and Europe – allowing me to combine work with the pleasure and excitement of photography.

With passing years, my equipment became more sophisticated, color photography supplemented the old black and white techniques and over the last few years computerized enhanced photography uncovered a plethora of new and exciting ways of artistic expression in this wonderful medium.

After retirement from health care management several years ago I started to pursue photography as my next full time career. I love the beauty of nature, scenery, flowers, travel photography and natural unposed and unsupervised pictures of chlidren at play. I try to elicit the natural beauty of a subject and will subsequently use my photo-lab technology to assist me in expressing my feelings on it. I use traditional film and slides which I scan in order to dreate computerized data files. Over the past couple of years my interest in traditional black and white photogrpahy and the old fashioned darkroom got rekindled. I have also recently started to experiment with basic pin-hole cameras which I make out of common day to day objects and with 19th century printing techniques ("alternative printing") - like cyanotype, Van Dyke and others.






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